Danny Tabs

Writing - Poetry

Dedicated to my father.

"Family Doctor"

Written June 19, 2016
By: Daniel Fortune

Before every morning
Before even the sun
He rises from bed
And goes for a run

For the stress can add up
From the daily grind
He’s a family physician
The best that you’ll find

And it helps him to run
So we let him unwind
By jogging for miles
And not questioning why

He returns shining in sweat
But relaxed and calm
It’s shower then work
20-some-odd patients and all

And he shows up each day
He can’t call in sick
His patients: they need him
And so do his kids

For our lives are good
And we owe it to him
There’s nothing we needed
That he didn’t give

And when he comes home
After working it’s night
He doesn’t need much
Just a kiss from his wife

And a solid meal
Even leftovers will due
He never complains
He just needs to refuel

So he can wake up next morning
Before even the sun
He’ll be needed again
It helps him to run

Dedicated to my parents.

"The Ties That Bind"

Written Nov. 4, 2014
By: Daniel Fortune

The ties that bind
Us side by side
Not just water
But more like wine

That fills our bodies
At all times
And links our souls
Forever entwined

The ties that bind
In tougher times
We come together
For hugs and cries

We come together
To come untied
And tie back up
In due time

The ties that bind
Our crazy lives
The sweet and sour
Our vanilla skies

Though tangled up
We often find
Ourselves together
The knot reprised

The ties that bind
They’re good
For life